Praises for the King of Kings

In order to worship rightly we must know what the object of our worship requires. The regulative principle gives us a valuable aid in knowing what we ought to do. I believe with all my heart that true worship must be done in specific obedience to God’s revealed will. Nevertheless, we can do all the ‘right’ things but still not appreciate the object of our worship. This little book (114 pages) will be a great aid in helping us to know Christ better. Knowledge is essential to love for we cannot love someone who we do not know. Pastor Walt Chantry takes three Psalms (2, 45, & 110) and illustrates what it means for us to fix our minds on Christ and have our hearts filled with his love. In my experience I have come to expect commentaries to be dry and intellectual but the devotional intensity of this book took me by surprise – I certainly learned more about the text which is the point of a commentary, but as the vivid word-pictures of David came alive I was inevitably drawn into more informed worship for the ‘King of Kings.’

brother Robin Eckhardt



Quotes from Pastor Chantry’s introduction:

“This volume is not written for the hurried person who is grasping for some media bite along the way, a minute with Jesus and no more. It is intended for the searching heart which acknowledges that it is worth giving time and extended thought in order to see the King in his beauty.”

“To behold Jesus, to adore him, and to rejoice in his praises are not means to higher ends. Fixing the eyes of our souls upon the Lamb of God, and bowing before him in joyful, loving worship is the highest end of our existence, the only fully satisfying experience of the human heart, the chief ingredient of human blessedness. ‘That I may know him …’ (Philippians 3:10) and enjoy him forever is the end for which every saint lives.”

“Perhaps some will read these pages who have never detected any glory in Jesus Christ. ‘He had no beauty or majesty’  (Isaiah 53:2). If you find no loveliness in Christ, that fact should alarm you.”

“Three thousand years ago the Lord prepared a poet to give us remarkable revelations about Jesus, the Messiah. The poets colorful life equipped him with vivid impressions of the ancient world…”

 Walt Chantry, Praises for the King of Kings


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  1. September 11th, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    Beth says:

    This is one of my all-time favorite books. Brother Walt paints beautiful pictures of our Lord Christ. It has been a while since I read it. . . I think it’s time to again!