Call to Worship December 8, 2019



“MY soul! behold to what temptations thou art exposed, not only from false prophets and false teachers, but also from false friends and relations. How hath the GOD of this word blinded the minds of men and brought them over to his interests! How doth that prince of the power of the air, as he is called by the apostle, still work in the children of disobedience! And how doth he govern them, direct them, and influence them, by his secret insinuations, to dishonour GOD themselves, and prompt others by their counsel and example! Are not evil spirits and evil men of every description and character his ministers? And what are all those acts of men which we behold going on in life, in drunken clubs, riotous pastimes, revels, banquetings, interpreters of dreams, fortune-telling, and the like, but so many sabbaths of his, and festivals to draw souls aside from the LORD GOD of their fathers. ‘My Soul! come not thou into their secret; unto their assembly, mine honor be not thou united.’ But dearest LORD! arm me with thy grace, and the power of thy HOLY SPIRIT, that I may flee from idolatry, and be found among the number of the faithful, in cleaving to thee, O LORD, with full purpose of heart.”