Sunday Morning Calls to Worship

Call to Worship July 28 2019

The Lord’s Supper by Thomas Watson “7. We must come with hearts fired with LOVE to Christ. The spouse said, ‘I am sick with love,’ Song of Solomon 2:5. Let us give Christ the wine of our love to drink—and weep that we can love Him no more. Would we have Christ’s exhilarating presence in the supper? Let us meet Him with strong endearments of affection. Basil compares love to a fragrant ointment. Christ delights to smell this perfume! The disciple who loved most—Christ put in His bosom. 8. We must come with HUMBLE hearts. We see Christ humbling Himself unto death. Will a…

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Call to Worship March 15 2020

The order of service will be slightly different Sunday to include baptism. We are looking forward to this encouraging time as we baptize a young man this Lord’s Day. “Repentance means turning from as much as you know of your sin to give as much as you know of yourself to as much as you know of your God, and as our knowledge grows at these three points so our practice of repentance has to be enlarged.” J. I. Packer Keep in Step with the Spirit: Finding Fullness in Our Walk with God, (Baker Books, 2005), p.87.

Call to Worship March 8 2020

Thoughts on Deuteronomy 23:1-14 When reading these verses recognize they are a continuation of previous chapters. They not only express covenant community laws, but they express similar ideals. The ongoing idea regarding purity in the community and worship remains to be a major theme in Chapter 23. The word “assembly” in the text refers to the whole of the community whether at worship or war. Yet it does not mean that all of the community will always be able to gather in the same place all at once. Instead it refers to the awareness of the Israelites as an elect…

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Call to Worship March 1 2020

Thoughts on Deuteronomy 22 Chapter 22 repeats the importance of the holiness of God, the purity of His people and indicates God’s care for creation and humanity. Furthermore, the readers are reminded of the display God desired to show through the nation Israel. Israel was to be set apart. Their separateness was revealed in their obedience to God’s commands. The applications of these verses further explain how to love your neighbor and love God first. The Israelites were not to murder, steal, lie, or covet in dealing with their neighbors (vv. 1-4 & 8). These verses provide specific ways to…

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Call to Worship February 22 2020

Thoughts on Deuteronomy 21: Once again this chapter in Deuteronomy considers some distresses of life and how the Israelite community is to handle those matters. “The distress concerns,” according to Raymond Brown, “a murdered man (1-9), a captured woman (10-14), a deprived son (15-17), a depraved son (18-21), and an executed criminal (22-23).” (Brown, 203) Each of these instances concerns governance, religion, family, and community in the Holy Land given to the Israelites by God. The first issue was an unresolved murder. How should this be handled? Moses indicated the whole of the community was involved. All the civil and…

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Call to Worship February 16 2020

Thoughts on Deuteronomy 20 Often time portions of Deuteronomy seem out of place or order. We must remember there are connections in the broader context of Deuteronomy to God’s purpose for the ethnic people of Israel. Life, death, future and family are important themes in scripture. In Deuteronomy 19 the main concerns were accidental death versus murder and the future of a family in property rights. Chapter 20 considers life, death, future and family from the perspective of war. God spoke directly to His people, through Moses, concerning some considerations of war, the context of an army for war, and…

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Call to Worship February 9 2020

Thoughts on Deuteronomy 19: The Lord God made promises to His people for a future land. He also planned for proper protection for His people interacting in that land. Chapter 19 renders some legal aid for matters of life, property, and testimony. As Raymond Brown stated, “God’s realism is more vividly portrayed in Deuteronomy than anywhere else in the Bible. He makes careful provision for life as it is, not how some would like it to be. The people are about to enter a ‘land flowing with milk and honey’ but the Lord knows that, however beautiful the land, it…

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Call to Worship February 2 2020

Thoughts from Deuteronomy 18: In this chapter Moses reminds God’s people of three specific ways He cares for His people. They were in need of atonement, protection, and prophecy. Moses previously reminded the people of their need for atonement before the Holy God. This atonement was pictured in the sacrificial system purposed by God. Not only did God provide the consistent reminder of their need, he also provided the method and the custodians of that system. The priests were to be responsible for upkeep of the temple and all of the workings of the sacrificial system for the good of…

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Call to Worship January 26 2020

THE POOR MAN’S OLD TESTAMENT COMMENTARY Robert Hawker “Verse 1 CONTENTS The subject of the divine laws is continued through this Chapter. Moses under GOD’S authority, points out the unblemished state required of the animals to be offered in sacrifice; of the punishment of idolaters: of controversies in judgment: of the election of a king; and of special duties required of him. Deuteronomy 17:1 I hope the Reader will not overlook, in the frequent notice which he must have made in the several parts of Moses’ writings, concerning the unblemished state of the animals to be offered in sacrifice, how…

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Call to Worship January 19 2020

Deuteronomy 16 “The idea of ‘celebration’ played a prominent part in the worshiping life of the Hebrew people. The people owed more to the Lord than any of them realized. He knew that it would be harmful for them if his mighty acts were allowed to slip from their memories. Yet, the pressure of life was such that, all too easily, the people could forget what he had done for them. Without intending to do so, they would gradually become preoccupied with materialistic things and begin to adopt an ungrateful, selfish and loveless lifestyle. It still happens. When people have…

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Call to Worship January 12 2020

Matthew Henry’s Complete Commentary on the Bible “Deuteronomy 15 Verses 10-11 III. Here is a command to give cheerfully whatever we give in charity: “Your heart shall not be grieved when you give, Deuteronomy 15:10. Be not unwilling to part with your money on so good an account, nor think of it begrudgingly in unkindness to your brother or in distrust of the providence of God…on the contrary, let it be a pleasure and a satisfaction of soul to you to think that you are honoring God with your substance, doing good, giving your brother relief, and laying up for yourself…

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