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Lord’s Day Worship: Sundays at 10:30 a.m.
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Location: 543 Colwell Road | Jackson, Georgia 30233

Sunday Morning Calls to Worship

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Call to Worship April 14, 2024

 “[2.] He doth not so work our mortification in us as not to keep it still an act of our obedience. The Holy Ghost works in us and upon us, as we are fit to be wrought in and upon; that is, so as to preserve our own liberty and free obedience. He works upon our understandings, wills, consciences, and affections, agreeably to their own natures he…keep reading

Call to Worship April 7, 2024

“[3.] He brings the cross of Christ into the heart of a sinner by faith, and gives us communion with Christ in his death, and fellowship in his sufferings: of the manner whereof more afterward. Secondly. If this be the work of the Spirit alone, how is it that we are exhorted to it?—seeing the Spirit of God only can do it, let the work be left wholly to…keep reading

Call to Worship March 29, 2024

Mortification is the work of the Spirit. “2. It is, then, the work of the Spirit. For,— (1.) He is promised of God to be given unto us to do this work. The taking away of the stony heart,—that is, the stubborn, proud, rebellious, unbelieving heart,—is in general the work of mortification that we treat of. Now this is still promised to be done by the Spirit….keep reading