Call to Worship April 10 2016

We worship our God who created and instituted the ordinance of marriage. God set the purposes, and parameters of marriage. The marital relationship exists between one man and one woman without exception. God knew the struggle of Adam as there was no suitable companion for him after creation. Therefore, God made woman from a part of Adam’s body and as a helpmate and companion. God never placed the woman over the man in the Garden, so subjection occurred in the created order. Furthermore, non-submission on Eve’s part and faulty headship in Adam’s life was the major catalyst in the fall of mankind. If Adam and Eve had obeyed God’s commands eternal life was promised. In worship and life the biblical premise remains, believers must worship and live in proper order. Now we come to worship according to biblical principles, so that our lives, including our marriages, will strive towards biblical precepts.

Pastor Brandon F Smith