Call To Worship – December 13 2015

We worship the one living and sovereign God. He has authority over all of creation and all will submit to Him, although they are submitting in providence whether they think so or not. So it is with Paul’s use of Psalm 68 as he points to the authority of Christ. God gave all authority to His Son in whom He is well pleased. Furthermore, Paul revealed Christ’s authority specifically in and through the church. The authority that Paul said Christ inaugurated is made manifest through officers. Some in the body of Christ were specifically called as apostles and prophets, whose work ceased. Some have been and will be called to serve the whole local body as pastors and teachers. He has set up officers in the church to lead the church to stand against the onslaught of the world. When we gather on the Lord’s Day we meet in rebellion of the world’s mentality. We are stating to the world there is one authority in all of earth and in the heavens: God the Father made known to us in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Let us worship in one body, one spirit our one Lord with one faith and baptism, the one God and Father over all. Amen.

Pastor Brandon F Smith