Call to Worship December 3, 2019


“DEUTERONOMY 9:23-29 I would again remind the Reader, in this place, of that sweet office of the HOLY GHOST as the LORD’S Remembrancer. Moses was acting in this instance as his instrument. And when at any time our sins and rebellions are brought to our remembrance, whatever is the instrument, may we have grace to consider in it the HOLY SPIRIT’s work. This will open a blessed source of improvement…What a beautiful strain of earnestness in prayer is here read to us, of Moses’s pleading with GOD in his covenant relation and character. Would the Reader see another yet more beautiful example of the same kind, let him turn to the 17th chapter of John’s Gospel. 

REFLECTIONS LEARN, my soul, from the view of Israel’s rebellion, all the way through their eventful history, what nature is in its highest attainment. And may the blessed SPIRIT convince me yet more and more, that it is not in the days of my unregeneracy only, that I am to look back for evidences of the sin of my nature, but since the LORD brought me out of spiritual Egypt I have had many Horebs, many Taberahs, and many Massahs, as well as Israel. Blessed JESUS! let those views of the sin of my nature tend yet more to endear you, who are the LORD my righteousness, to my heart. And while I entreat you to drive out all my enemies before me, keep me, by such tokens of sin in my nature as every day’s experience affords, humble in my own sight; and most gladly to refer all the victory, all the glory, and all the praise, to your arm, which alone brings salvation.” (Updated English B.F.S.)