Call to Worship – February 15 2015

We give praise to our glorious God for His glorious grace. Our Father chose us in His Son Jesus before time to be holy before Him. Also, He predestined His people to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ. We, as believers, are granted the spirit of adoption and sealed with the Holy Spirit as a pledge of our inheritance. Truly our God is great and greatly to be praised, for He is glorious and has bestowed a glorious work of grace upon His children. Not only is He glorious in creation, but He is all the more glorious through His salvation which is granted to many sinners. He is not only glorious in the giving of His word, but that the Holy Spirit breathes upon the word and brings the truth to sight. The truth explains that the blood of beasts will not do to take our sins away, but redemption came through the shed blood of the Son as the once and only sacrifice. So, ask me what great thing I know…Whose the name I glory in? Jesus Christ the crucified! Why? Well, no one should boast for all of his works will rot and fade away, but the grace of God by the works of the Son remains forever, as applied by the Spirit. To God be the glory for His glorious grace freely bestowed on us in the beloved. Amen.