Call To Worship January 10 2016

We worship our God who gave His Law to men. The law was given as a gracious guide for living, then Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command. The law continued as a teacher for man to know his sin and recognize it as an abomination against the one Holy and living God. The Law, formerly heard from the voice of God, was etched onto stone tablets by Moses and presented to the nation Israel. They continued for ages sinning against God and He continued to be faithful in love and discipline. Israel walked in the consequences of their sin, while the remnant of believers were the only people able to recognize the grace of God to sinners. The remnant delighted in the Law of the LORD. One day all was silent, nearly four hundred years, until the Messiah was born. Later, He told the people not to change the Law or abolish it, because He came not to abolish the law, but to fulfill the Law. His fulfillment of the Law neither changed the Law nor abolished it. He fulfilled the Law in order to take the curse of the Law off of His people. Once all was fulfilled not one of the chosen people of God would ever fall under the Law’s condemnation. Yet, they would delight in it just as their forefathers had long ago, but with greater understanding in the New Covenant. Let us worship today by loving the Lord and His Law, that we may see the greatness of His grace to us as sinners.