Call To Worship June 26 2016

We worship our God the LORD who is one! Israel traveled from Egypt, a land of pluralism (worship of many gods). Egyptians even considered their Pharaoh a god. The Israelites voyaged though other lands and tribes that worshipped several deities, but none of them was Jehovah. He is God eternal who does not change. He planned, created, and sustains all things. Therefore, our God is not one among many possible gods, but He is the one and only God, the LORD. Furthermore, God’s people are commanded to love him with every part of their being. The command is not purely one of force, but of grace as God has saved His people from their sin. Their worship of Him is in direct response to what God has done in them and for them in salvation. God’s being alone is worthy of praise, yet, His people owe Him double honor for His grace to them as sinners. So, praise Him alone and seek His guidance. Guide us, O thou great Jehovah as we journey through this barren land. We are weak, but you are mighty, hold us with your powerful hand. Soli Deo Gloria (To God be the glory)!

Pastor Brandon F Smith