Call to Worship – March 1 2015

We worship, to the glory of the Father, our Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ. God our Rock and Fortress sent His beloved Son Jesus as the Rock of Ages. He shed His blood as the necessary and perfect sacrifice to pay the wage due for sin. His work of perfectly living the Law of God and dying a sinner’s death fixed the very problem of the ransom due for the people of God. Our works accomplish nothing. His works accomplish exactly what God designed, true salvation. Salvation accomplished, then applied by the Holy Spirit. Redemption accomplished and applied affords actual forgiveness of sin by God’s grace. We must give praise for our Savior and Lord Jesus, the Messiah. He redeemed us from the wrath of God poured out on unrepentant sinners. The truth of salvation applied to us in regeneration means we will desire to honor, thank and glorify the Son for His obedience to the Father. Glory in the risen Lamb who was slain!

Pastor Brandon F Smith