Call To Worship – March 20 2016

We worship our God who does all things in perfection. Troubles, trials and terrors seem to be around every corner. Sin permeates the recesses, and sometimes the forefront of our minds. Yet, the Triune God does all things in purity. When troubles assail us and sorrow, need or death are ours, what should we do? Paul told the Ephesians to walk with a truthful, tuneful, thankful and thoughtful spirit. Thankfulness is often challenging when times are at ease and more so when times are difficult. We may cry out to God when circumstances of difficulty arise, but we are to thank God as well. We must learn to thank God in the midst of the trials as there is no other way for a creature to pay homage to God, but in thanksgiving. No particular event in life is either chance in God’s economy or evil authored by God. We may not be thankful for the evil itself, but we must be thankful in the midst of the evil. So, we must always give thanks to our God for He alone is good and right. Pastor Brandon F Smith