Call to Worship March 8 2015

We worship the one God who commanded order even among a fallen generation. He lavished grace upon sinners by His purpose set before the beginning of time. His mystery of salvation was made known in all wisdom and insight through our Lord Jesus. The summation of all things are purposed and consummated in the person and work of the Lord Jesus by the kind intention of the Father’s will. Not one thing in heaven or in earth, including salvation, is outside of the purpose of God. As adopted children we have obtained an inheritance of eternal life in the Kingdom of God. All things including the inheritance of the children of God, was worked out before the foundation of the world. Praise be to our one God in three persons whose plan never fails even amid the chaos of the world. He planned and purposed perfectly, so He will never fail in and through the beloved Son by the power of the Spirit. May we praise and honor our one God in three persons. Soli Deo Gloria! Pastor Brandon F Smith