Call to Worship, October 19

We worship the God who truly performs miracles. In His words, He revealed order even among afflictions. God’s order exists due to His constancy and His promises. We know what we know because God does not change and He created order even in the scientific world. Paul’s shipwreck was a part of the created order worked out in providence. God used His created nature to push and pull the Alexandrian ship exactly where He desired it to go. Paul and his companions found themselves shipwrecked on an island. Many would call it a miracle that anyone survived the ship voyage and wreckage at Malta, but more apparent miracles would soon occur. While Paul helped to stoke the fire on the beach a viper bit him and he did not die. A snake bite, which at the least, should have stricken Paul with some type of swelling did not even leave a mark. Now that is a miracle from the God who gave order to nature and at times commands disorder in nature. He later healed Publius’ father and then all of those who had diseases were restored. He commanded nature not to work in order so Paul would live and many others would no longer have diseases in their bodies. God can, He has, and He will do these works for His purposes, pleasure and glory. Our God has true power. He gave order to the universe and He momentarily removes it. Then He installs it once again all in milliseconds and minutes. Miracles were for signs to point man to the one and only God. Yet, many today disbelieve their revelation or misrepresent miracles for the goals of men. Let us praise the one God who gave miracles for His glory and not the miracle alone from the perspective of man.