Call To Worship October 26 2014

We serve and worship the one God who completes all His plans. In Psalms 57 and 60 David was pursued then overthrown. He called out to God for deliverance. Psalm 108 connects to the hope David possessed in the steadfastness of God from Psalms 57 and 60. David began Psalm 108 knowing the steadfastness of God gave him a steadfast heart and renewed vigor to complete his God given journey.[1] Paul was tracked from city to city and forced to leave many towns under duress. In the last chapter of Acts Paul relied on the steadfastness of God to finish the race set before him in Rome. He preached to the Jews first and since the Jews would not listen he proclaimed the gospel to the Gentiles. While imprisoned in Rome Paul wrote several letters. His last letter written to Timothy expressed similar realities to that of David in the Psalms. Paul, although worn down by his travels, preached faithfully, but knew the task was not complete. Paul took the gospel to the ends of the earth in his day (Psalm 98:1-3), but he knew it must go forward. So, he wrote to Timothy and passed the torch onto pastors and believers in later generations. He finished the race with the steadfastness only the Lord can provide. God desires to complete His plans and He does so in every generation by seeing His people through the trials of this life. He did not leave David or Paul and He will not leave us. God is faithful to complete His work in all creation and finish His work in us for glorification.

[1] Derek Kidner, Psalms 73-150: A Commentary (Leicester, England/Downers Grove, IL: Inter Varsity Press, 1973), 387.