Call to Worship

(Tomorrow) we worship our God who reigns over the just and the unjust. Believers are to be in the world but not of the world, so coexistence is unavoidable. We must cross paths with those who hate our God. No matter the revelation provided many people see God as an obstacle to their happiness. Differing views abound concerning God from; a hindrance to pleasure, a manipulator away from pleasure, to a cosmic watch maker. So, the world will turn to contriving their own God. Some people form their god personally, others derive god socially, politically, vocationally or economically. Some do not fashion their own god they turn face and fight against general revelation. They say, “There is no God.” All of these mentalities, and any derivative forms, are rebellion and plain idolatry. Paul’s day was no different. He was encountered Pharisees not believing the revelation of Jesus as Messiah as taught in the Jewish scriptures. Sadducees and Roman government officials contriving a God of their own choosing. No matter what direction he turned ultimately all these parties hated the one true God. Yet, Paul had coexisted with these parties between 15 to 20 years. Sometimes he preached, like in Thessalonica, and lived the quiet Christian life. Then they ran him off. Sometimes he stood in place without malice, but was maligned as the aggressor and a man of hatred. Now we will see him proclaim truth only to be called the liar. How could God allow His servant to go through these circumstances? God reigns over the just and the unjust. When Paul wrote to the church in Rome, “‘vengeance is mine’, says the Lord,” he knew exactly the everyday stress and strain of his statement. Our coexistence with the world does not establish a codependence on the world. Paul knew there was only one rock of surety, the Lord our God in the person of Jesus. May the Spirit help us remember who is in control!

Pastor Brandon F Smith