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Adult Bible Study Introduction

The Lord’s Supper Table

Baptist Catechism: Biblical Foundations & Practical Encouragements

17th Century Baptist History Part One

Brother Steven R Henderson leads us in a spirited discussion of early Baptist history. What impact did the reigns of Queen Mary and her sister, Queen Elizabeth have on our godly Baptist forefathers? Who were the Particular Baptists and why should we care about them? Why do we hold to a ‘Confession’ and how may confessions help us as a church and as members of a local body of believers? These questions and more will be addressed in this study.

This first lesson includes a discussion on two different theories of Baptist Origins. The ‘Successionist’ theory and the ‘Anabaptist Kinship’ theory.

17th Century Baptist History Part Two

Lesson two concludes the study with an evaluation of the ‘Puritan Descent’ theory of Baptist origins.