Call to Worship

… we worship the God who knows no bounds. The Psalmist loved the habitation of the house of the Lord (Psalm 26:8). He longed to ascend to worship God in His house. The place of worship was truly a sanctuary from the wiles of the world and the schemes of the devil. Often, God could be praised there without the distractions of an interfering world. Paul had longed for Jerusalem and the sanctuary, but He knew His God was everywhere at once. He aided in local church plants among the Gentiles. Paul revealed to them the worship of God who knows no bounds on the earth. Paul was now far from the temple and a particular place of sanctuary. He must now proclaim before a Governor and King the message of the Lord. So, he preached of the Christ even in an auditorium in Caesarea. It was no sanctuary, but God knows no bounds. Paul knew what it was like to live and work in the world. Many days he served the Lord in ordinary living and God was still the same, gracious in covenant to His people. Paul did not face kings and governors every day, but when he did he knew His God knew no bounds. He knew God’s covenant promises would extend as far as God had designed. We need not worry or be anxious in anything. Our God will preserve us no matter where we are or what the circumstances. Pastor Brandon F Smith