Call To Worship November 8 2015

We worship our God who calls us to walk worthy of our calling in Christ Jesus. Cain and Abel were called to offer a sacrifice to God. God was pleased with Abel’s sacrifice, but “he had no regard” for Cain’s sacrifice. The text is not explicit as to the reason for God’s displeasure. Yet, no matter the reason, God was displeased and Cain’s reaction tells the whole story. Cain was angry and his countenance fell. Cain probably knew the reason for God’s displeasure, but even if he did not, a true worshipper would have submitted to the correction of the Almighty God. Similarly, Paul focused the Ephesian believers on proper submission to the calling of God on their lives. Cain did not know of this calling and responded according to his unbelief. Paul, by contrast, commanded believers to walk in line with the being and behavior of the God who called them from death to life in Christ Jesus. Cain was not humbled by God’s grace, therefore his pride led to murder; but we are called to a heavenly calling. So, we must strive toward humility before our God in worship and in daily life.