Call To Worship

Today we worship the omnipotent or all-powerful God. Job walked through some of the greatest types of trials any person may witness in their lifetime. He watched his life disintegrate; his livestock were destroyed or stolen, his children were killed and most of his servants too, his body was stricken with painful boils, his wife turned against him and God, and his friends blamed him for everything. He struggled and regretted the day he was even born. Ultimately, Job questioned God, but only God had the answers to his questions. So, God answered from the whirlwind. He reminded Job of His almighty power in creation and the sustaining of all things animate and inanimate. God’s words brought Job to repentance and continued trust no matter what came next. Job truly recognized God as the omnipotent King. He valued the word of God much like Paul in his day.

Paul’s travels brought bonds and afflictions along with comfort and joy. God’s word brought solace to Paul in all the providence dispatched before him. Even when the political realms were in upheaval Paul trusted in the promises of God. Those promises are trustworthy not only due to the holiness of God, but also to the omnipotence of God. No one will overthrow His promises. God has all power to keep his promises no matter the nature of the awaiting enemy. Think of the power it must take to sustain promises to His people all over the world when earthly realms and principalities of the air seek desperately to thwart those promises. Praise be to our all-powerful God who keeps His promises to His people.