Call to Worship

(Tomorrow) we worship God the omniscient or the one who knows all things. We must give Him praise for his knowledge of all things. His knowledge includes all things past, present and future, which means he has foreknowledge of all things. His knowledge and power connect perfectly. He is all-powerful because He knows all things and He knows all things because He is all-powerful. His word proves His knowledge while His knowledge directs us to His power. The Psalmist helps us see His word propagates true knowledge and understanding. God’s word fashions His precepts in our minds, through the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit, to direct our worship and living. Paul understood these truths. So Luke, inspired by God, recorded the work of the Spirit according to God’s word in the life of Paul. Paul moved forward in his church planting travels with a proper understanding of God’s omniscience. He was able to walk through all the trials due to his understanding of God’s all powerful knowledge. God knows not only the reality of trials, but he planned them for the purpose of His glory in drawing His people nearer to Him. He reveals the truth of our constant need of Him through struggles in this life. Paul was never able to go far without recognizing his need of his LORD. He could only turn to the Lord when even the Jews, his people by blood, turned against him. God knew and planned this rebellion for people to see in every tribe, tongue, and nation that man cannot trust in himself due to the decay of depravity. Yet, we may trust in God for He gave His Son Jesus as the ransom for many through His all powerful knowledge.

Pastor Brandon F Smith