Call to Worship

This Lord’s Day we worship in thankfulness for our God who protects us. He not only provides protection by way of idea, but He provides the very means of protection. Think of how many times David’s enemies marched against him physically and tactically. They often thought long and hard about ways to kill him. God provided not only means such as weapons, but even the people like Jonathan who aided David in times of trouble. God bonded the two men together for multiple reasons, but ultimately it was about the means of protection. Jonathan not only saved David’s life at times, but God used him to protect the covenant from ages past moving toward the New Covenant. Jesus, our Lord, walked through the same trials being born of the virgin from the line of David. God protected the covenant even through the provision of a boy with some fish and bread. The boy was the catalyst to the miracle performed and the growth of the disciples. The disciples were matured in the faith even toward the Day of Pentecost due to the feeding of the five thousand. So, Paul now faces the ire of the Pharisees and Sadducees. They desire to kill him and will forgo food and water until their task is complete. God has other plans and ordered the means of protection for Paul before time began. Paul’s nephew, who heard the plan of the schemers, was used to protect Paul from the unbelieving Jewish mob. He reported the news to Paul and to the Roman commander. The plan was foiled! Consider the grace of this providential protection. Not only was Paul’s life spared, but the covenant was protected. Paul was not to die until the message of the New Covenant reached Rome. The plan of God extended the gospel for thousands of years after the life of Paul to the whole world and it still stands to this very day. Let us be thankful to our Triune God who provides protection even down to the very detailed means.

Pastor Brandon F Smith