Call To Worship August 9 2015

We worship our God for great is His faithfulness to His church. He ordained His church and purchased His church by the blood of His Son Jesus. God intended to possess one people, the Israel of God, and He procured them for His glory. Both Jew and Gentile alike have fallen short of the glory of God. Both are in need of the person and work of Christ to save them from their transgressions. Believers from both groups are brought into one Church of the Lord Jesus and have access in one Spirit to the Father. Let us worship and glory today in the one foundation of the church, the Lord Jesus Christ. In Him, people from every tribe and tongue are fitted together to worship the Lord our God in one kingdom. In Christ, those who were near and those who were far off are being knitted together in a covenant community to worship God for eternity. We love His kingdom, so let us sing glorious things of God and His city for nothing will shake His sure repose.

Pastor Brandon F Smith