Call to Worship – December 15 2015

We worship our Triune God who set fast the foundation of our unity in gospel truth. No other unity exists for the Christian, but in the understanding of the biblical gospel. Paul sought to express the importance of unity and peace not in an abstract manner, but through the doctrine previously taught to the believers in Ephesus. Jews and Gentiles alike were brought into the covenant through the salvific work of the Triune God. It was necessary for them to come together in the unity of the gospel and live in peace with one another in the church. Furthermore, Paul clarified that peace would not occur if the gospel of God’s love toward sinners was not evident in their love toward one another. They were one body brought together by one Spirit to live out one calling with which they had been called in Christ Jesus. So, let us worship this morning not in our differences, but in the unity of the one gospel plainly preached to the church in Ephesus.
Pastor Brandon F Smith