Call To Worship December 20 2015

Let us worship Jesus, the Son of God, who was born of a virgin and laid in a manger. He lived perfectly, died a sinner’s death, was buried, was resurrected and ascended to be with God the Father. All of these truths form the foundation for salvation and the proper functioning of God’s people in the New Covenant. Jesus Christ descended from on high as the incarnate Messiah to accomplish redemption. Also, His descent meant His ascent would usher in the New Covenant church. Local bodies, with Jew and Gentile together, worshipped God, led by officers given by Christ. Those officers are charged with the building up of the body to press them toward maturity, with leading them to persevere, with equipping them to strive forward until Christ returns in fullness, with teaching rightly, so the drift of the culture will not carry them away from the truth. Yet, also speaking in such a way that the flock knows the shepherd cares for their souls, while pointing believers to grow up in Christ Jesus, the true head of the church. The reason we worship and the way we worship ought to be measured by Christ in recognition of His obedience and purposes, not the world’s chaos.