Call to Worship – December 7, 2014

We come to worship the God of grace. He lavished His grace upon his people through the kind intention of His will from eternity past. He graciously sent His Son, with honor, blessing and all authority, to redeem the Israel of God. Jesus, being one with the Father, rules the world in truth and grace. In loving-kindness God sealed us in His Son by the work of His Spirit. He planned, accomplished and applied all of this to a people descended from the race of Adam. We were conceived in sin and born with a sin nature, but God being rich in mercy saved us by His grace and for His glory. So we come to worship in the awe and wonder of the God of grace. We long to enter His courts with thanksgiving and praise. God led and guided us safely through another week. He gave us grace through every trial. Even when we were not thankful for our tribulation He still was gracious and merciful to us. When our thoughts and actions strayed, God showed His mercy to us time and time again. Let us worship the one true living God by His grace and thank Him for His grace. Soli Deo Gloria!