Call To Worship, February 1st 2015

We worship God our Father who adopted us as His children. The heavenly Father conferred upon us the status of adoption through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit applies the spirit of adoption to us. This Trinitarian work gives us good reason to rejoice; not only are we justified and regenerated, but we are predestined to become the sons and daughters of the Father as fellow heirs with our Lord and Savior. We will inherit the kingdom of heaven as adopted children. We were conceived in sin, born of the flesh and blood of Adam with the sinful will of mankind. Prone to wander in apathy and rebellion in opposition to holiness we were doomed, but God being rich in mercy redeemed us, justified us, regenerated us and adopted us. No matter who forsakes us on this earth our Father in heaven will never forsake his adopted children. (Psalm 27:10) His adoption does not grant us the totality of what we want or think we need, but like any good earthly Father He disciplines his own. Therefore we are not illegitimate, but we are chastened for our good toward holiness. Give praise to our God who did not make us second class citizens, but granted us the right to become His children.

Pastor Brandon F Smith