Call to Worship February 22 2015

We worship our God who redeemed His people. The glorious works of God throughout the ages have been vital, vast, and virtuous, but the reality of the fall of man has vacuously promoted vainglory. Man rebelliously sinned against God to glory in self as an affront to the Creator/creature distinction. God knowing this reality before time, purposed to redeem a people to Himself for His glory. In time, God propagated his plan and procured His people. God’s plan included sending His Son, the Lord Jesus, to pay the price for sin as ransom for His people. The death of Christ was voluntary, violent, vicarious and victorious. In the last several weeks ISIS has captured and held several hostages for ransom. ISIS calls for another group or nation to give a ransom in exchange for the life of the person or people. Most recently they executed several men from a Coptic Christian background. If these men had truly repented and believed in the perfect person of Jesus and His redemptive work alone to save them from their sinful rebellion, no other ransom was necessary. Thankfully, for those who are in Christ, they gain more than a political savior, they are redeemed by the very blood of God’s one and only Son. Those executed men, if true believers, most importantly have been rushed into the presence of the very Lord who paid the price they owed. Furthermore, if these rebellious ISIS individuals do not repent, the Lord will pour out His perfect judgment and holy wrath and vengeance upon them for eternity. God will accomplish eternally in the end what political entities will not do, by wielding the sword in judgment on the earth. They will not be condemned merely for their acts in the last few months, but they are of the race of Adam. Just like every other individual who was born or will be born on the earth, they were born with a sin nature. They acted in rebellion due to the nature they inherited. They will come before God just as all men will enter before him, but only those redeemed by the shed blood of Christ will enter safely. Death will face all men, ISIS member or not; to face it apart from the redemptive work of Christ has eternal consequences. Pastor Brandon F Smith