Call to Worship, January 25 2015

We worship our God, the one and only sovereign King. God oversees His creation with His foreordaining power and with the same He sustains all existence. God is King over all the earth not by democracy, but by His very being. His being is all powerful and He does not need a vote of confidence. So, He predestined all things according to His most free and holy will. God did not seek direction or consultation from any other being. He reigns over all and sits on His holy throne. No one will thwart, balk, foil or frustrate His will. His pure majesty should well up praise in our minds and hearts, but we need His help to sing glory to His name. We need God our Father to reign over us, to make us new through the Incarnate Word and Holy Comforter, to enable us to sing wonderful praises to Him even as the God who foreordains. Apart from His predestinating power in perfection and righteousness all hope would be lost. Mankind has never truly solved one issue in completion, even modern medicine is not fail proof. Antibiotics do not grant immortality to humanity because the struggle is greater than our physical bodies. We must not praise and fear men, for it is God alone who has dominion, from all eternity, over the body and the soul.