Call to Worship – January 4. 2015

As we enter a new year we praise our God, who helped us in years past, and stands as our hope for years to come. When people and culture are against us, the one God who chose us, saves us and keeps us will remain the same. God never changes even in His electing grace. His election of many discloses His sovereignty and mighty power over mankind. No one will thwart his will. Not even the man of lawlessness or one antichrist will overcome His omnipotent reigning power. Therefore, let us praise and honor Him as we consider all the changes over the past year and survey possible shifts in the year to come. As our mighty King He will not change and His lovingkindness through election will stand forevermore. No one will snatch us out of the Father’s hand. He is sovereign over all the worlds He made and His grace abounds to sinners. Our comfort rests in our electing God through the Son Jesus by the Holy Spirit. So, all who are weary and heavy laden have only one person to turn to-the Lord Jesus. If we have turned to Him then we have turned to the Father and we have found rest in the one triune God.