Call to Worship January 5 2020



There is a vast deal of gospel in this, and if read under the teaching of the HOLY GHOST; with an eye to the covenant mercies of GOD in CHRIST, it will not fail to bring sweet comfort to the soul. My brother! let me ask you or rather beg you to ask your own heart, are you of the children of the LORD your GOD? Are you distinguished from the ungodly world in being set apart for GOD’S glory, the purchase of JESUS’S blood, the subject of the HOLY GHOST’s work? If you say yes to these and the like questions, will you not say also, I am distinguished no less by his grace from all the ungodly customs of a world professedly at enmity with GOD. Oh! for that sweet evidence which JESUS points at: John 15:18, 19. If I were to detain the Reader any longer upon those two verses, it would be just to remark to him, that the HOLY GHOST has graciously drawn the line of distinction between believers and unbelievers, at the loss of friends. While they sorrow as those that have no hope, because if they lose their earthly father they know nothing of an heavenly one; true believers in CHRIST JESUS know, that if all earthly connections cease, their FATHER, their Savior, their sanctifier, ever lives, who is the father of the fatherless, and the husband of the widow. Compare Jeremiah 2:27, with 49:11. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-1 8.


Concerning these precepts we had them before in Leviticus 11:2. to the Commentary on which I refer, and shall only just observe upon the repetition of them here; that though since the coming of the LORD JESUS nothing is unclean in itself which GOD has cleansed; and, as the apostle says, every creature of GOD is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving, when it is sanctified by the word of GOD and prayer; yet, though JESUS’S followers are called unto liberty, they dare not, they cannot indeed, neither do they desire to use that liberty for an occasion to the flesh. Reader! is JESUS your portion? Do you know what it is to eat spiritually of his flesh, and to drink spiritually of his blood? If so, you are but little concerned what perishing food your perishing body is sustained with. 1 Timothy 4:3-5. Galatians 5:13. Romans 14:2, 3. 17. 21.


The same observations will meet us here concerning the food of fish and of birds, as under the foregoing of beasts. Spiritually considered, and with an eye to the gospel dispensation, the whole are of importance, meaning that all uncleanness is forbidden: and these things are not only commanded to be abstained from in the deed, but even in the very word: and not once to be named among the LORD’S heritage, as becomes saints. Ephesians 5:3.


It is delightful to remark what provision GOD has made for his ministers, for his poor, for those who are by his providence brought into straits and difficulties. That is a universal precept and as fully to be observed now, as when it was at first given. Deuteronomy 15:11.

DEUTERONOMY 14:27 It is pleasing to observe the care GOD has for the Levite. Was not this with an eye to JESUS?


GOD is a bountiful master. He gives liberally and well may his people. Reader? I have found the truth of that saying; Proverbs 11:24.


BLESSED LORD! give me to see that you have chosen me to be one among your people, that you have adopted me into your family, that you have sanctified me by your grace, and that I am yours in an everlasting covenant which cannot be broken: and help me to live to your glory that I may be distinguished as your people are distinguished, and then shall I live to your praise and honor all the day long. LORD! teach me to learn from the precepts in this chapter, how pure and holy all your people ought to live, repeating things which are without. May I never wallow in those corruptions which the ungodly and carnal wallow in! May it be my meat and my drink to do your will!” (Updated English B.F.S.)