Call To Worship July 10 2016

We worship the Triune God of miracles:

“In calling them miracles we do not mean that they are contradictions or outrages; we mean that, left to her own resources, she (nature) could never produce them.’ C.S. Lewis

“God hath a right to dispense with the ordinary laws of nature; he hath a power to alter their course by an arrest of miracles, and make them come short, or go beyond his ordinances established for them. He can dispense with the natural laws, and strain every string beyond it ordinary pitch.” Stephen Charnock

“If miracles are impossible, then no amount of historical evidence will convince us. If they are possible but immensely improbable, then only mathematically demonstrable evidence will convince us: and since history never provides that degree of evidence for any event, we will never be convinced that a miracle has occurred. If, on the other hand, miracles are not intrinsically improbable, then the existing evidence will be sufficient to convince us that miracles have occurred.” C.S. Lewis