Call to Worship July 16 2017

“‘Then the fire of the LORD fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice.’ Exceedingly blessed, yet unspeakably solemn was this. First, this remarkable incident should encourage weak Christians to put their trust in God, to go forth in His strength to meet the gravest dangers, to face the fiercest enemies, and to undertake the most arduous and hazardous tasks to which He may call them. If our confidence is fully placed in the Lord Himself, He will not fail us. He will stand by us, though none others do; He will deliver us out of the hands of those who seek our harm; He will put to confusion those who set themselves against us; and He will honour us in the sight of those who have slandered or reproached us. Look not on the frowning faces of worldlings, O trembling believer, but fix the eye of faith upon Him who has all power in heaven and in earth. Be not discouraged because you meet with so very few who are like-minded, but console yourself with the grand fact that if God is for you it matters not who is against you.”

(A.W. Pink, The Life of Elijah, Banner of Truth, 1991, pg. 165)