Call To Worship July 3 2016

We worship our God who gave His commands for the good of His people. The commands of God are perfect. They teach the people of God in every historic covenant to obey God and the New Covenant is no different than any other covenant. The Israelites were instructed to teach and discuss these commandments with the children through all of life. Moses saw God give the Moral Law for all people and for all times. Also, Moses was given specific laws for the people of Israel. All of those laws were good for the people, but not all of them were meant for all of time. Yet, all of those laws were for instruction and practice for the whole family. The same is true with the Ten Commandments and all the commandments derived from them in the New Covenant. Jesus and the rest of the New Testament writers derived their teaching from the Moral Law with New Covenant eyes to eternal rest in Christ. The only place for the young to find direction for their way is in the word of God, which established His commands. So, we worship God for His perfection and the Law that came from His perfect character. Furthermore, we glory in the one and only Son of God who lived the Law perfectly and died on behalf of the chosen race of the Israel of God. All of God’s people are a part of eternal Israel. May we rest this day in the Triune God and look forward to living unto His commands for they are not a burden in Christ.

Pastor Brandon F Smith