Call to Worship July 5 2015

We worship the God whose grace is beyond compare. While troubles gather all around us, and the world trusts in their own abilities and works, we trust the Lord our provider. He not only provides food, clothing, and shelter according to His plan, but He is the only being capable of providing perfect grace. His grace does not cooperate with our mindsets or works. Therefore, all of our boasting is excluded. How do we know of this grace? The word of God alone directs us toward the saving grace of God. The scripture tells us of the Father who sent His only Son to live and die for sinners to inherit the heavenly kingdom. It explains that Jesus Christ bled and died as the only sacrifice. His life and death alone complete the Father’s gift of grace. So, daily we are constrained to be debtors to grace, by which God binds our hearts and does not leave us to wander. Yet, He seals us for courts above.