Call To Worship June 12 2016

We worship our God who commands watchful prayer in perseverance. God’s answer to prayer, no matter the direction of the answer, does not annul the directive. Paul establishes God’s edict to pray and the time frame, “at all times.” Prayer is not out of mind, but a state of mind for the Christian. He calls the Ephesian church to watchfully pray and petition the Father on behalf of all saints. Perseverance, according to Paul, is the mentality that shapes the order to pray. Prayer is not a haphazard activity. It takes our attentiveness, but it does not require a monastery. Perseverance does not set length of time or a time limit, but one minute of persevering alert prayer is better than no prayer. It is surprising how much can be said in a few minutes. Also, he includes prayer in persevering in the faith. Prayer is not a work we complete to save ourselves or add to God’s work. Yet, it is a work we perform as new creatures in Christ Jesus.
Pastor Brandon F Smith