Call to Worship – March 15 2015

We worship the true God who works all things unto His glory. Every form of matter, creature, happening and occurrence on the earth exists for the glory of God, including sin. Troubles will mount up against us in nature and by humanity. Sin and failures will amass in us and around us every day. Yet, one day, all of creation will be reconciled to God and a redeemed and adopted people will be gathered for eternity, but only through Christ. Jesus foretold the disciples of His purpose, but they did not fully understand. He told them not to be worried about who is on his right or left, but to believe with childlike faith to receive Him. Even when our minds are distracted and dismayed, like the disciples’ minds, God’s word plainly proclaims these truths of the gospel as the summation of all things in Christ. His word, applied by the Spirit, unstops the sinner’s ears and conquers stubborn hearts through His wisdom. Therefore, by His word alone we understand that God will gain glory in the summing up of all things in Christ. Remember, the sum of every part of life never escapes the focal point of history, Christ who came and is coming again!
Pastor Brandon F Smith