Call To Worship March 3, 2016

We worship our God who made us new people, enabled to walk with a new spirit. Paul charged believers to walk worthy of the manner with which they have been called. He continued to unfold his thinking concerning a Christian’s walk, including the importance of wisdom according to the plain precepts of God and walking with the right spirit. Paul commands believers to live with a spirit of joyfulness, thankfulness and thoughtfulness. Drunkenness cannot deliver the delight God grants to His children and we often express that contentment in song. Thanksgiving permeates the minds of the elect. They have been granted a new heart to see all that God has done, whether that be in salvation, sanctification or providence, is good and right. Furthermore, God did not make His children mindless in spirit, as is the drunkard. He commanded them to be thoughtful in their doctrine, which provides the foundation for all of Christian worship and living. He ordered them to be subject to one another, which demands a thoughtful spirit. So, let us worship this morning our one God who granted us joy and a way to express it thankfully and thoughtfully. May we come with minds alert and emblazoned for His glory only. Soli Deo Gloria!
Pastor Brandon F Smith