Call to Worship May 31 2015

We worship the God of Grace. The human plight never changed after Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden. These real historical people sinned against God and damned the whole of the human race. We sin today due to the nature we inherited from our first parents, Adam and Eve. Also, we sin due to the bondage of our “will” to the sin nature. So, who changed? Man changed from walking in goodness and innocence to walking in sin and shame. God has never changed. He is perfect and still hates sin. Although God does not change, He is the only one who can change dead sinners. So, those who have been made new by His grace must; gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing upon our lives, pray for the Spirit to enlighten the eyes of our hearts in the illumination of His word, pray for true conviction of sin and ask forgiveness by God’s grace alone. As we gain right knowledge of our condition and the Spirit works according to the Father’s plan then and only then will we rejoice and call Christ our Lord and King.