Call to Worship May 6 2018

Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of Luke

J.C. Ryle Luke 12:13-34

“Let us mark, lastly, in these verses — how important it is to be rich towards God. This is true wisdom. This is true providing for time to come. This is genuine prudence. The wise man is he who does not think only of fleeting earthly treasure — but of eternal treasure in Heaven.

When can it be said of a man — that he is rich towards God? Never until he is rich in grace, and rich in faith, and rich in good works! Never until he has applied to Jesus Christ — and bought from Him, gold tried in the fire! (Revelation 3:18.) Never until he has a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens! Never until his name is inscribed in the book of life, and is an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ! Such a man is truly rich. His treasure is incorruptible. His bank never breaks. His inheritance never fades away.

Man cannot deprive him of it. Death cannot snatch it out of his hands. All things are his already — life, death, things present, and things to come. (1 Corinthians 3:22.) And best of all, what he has now — is nothing compared to what he will have hereafter.

Riches like these are within reach of every sinner who will come to Christ and receive them. May we never rest until they are ours! To obtain them may cost us something in this world. It may bring on us persecution, ridicule and scorn. But let the thought console us, that the Judge of all says, “I know your afflictions and your poverty — yet you are rich! (Revelation 2:9.) The true Christian is the only man who is really wealthy and wise.”