Call To Worship May 7 2017

“It was openly declared that Baal lived and that Jehovah ceased to be. What a shocking state of things had come to pass…Defiance of the Lord God and blatant wickedness had now reached its culminating point…Now it was in the midst of this spiritual darkness and degradation there appeared on the stage of public action, with dramatic suddenness, a solitary but striking witness to and for the living God. An eminent commentator began his remarks upon 1 Kings 17 by saying, “the most illustrious Prophet Elijah was raised up in the reign of the most wicked of the kings of Israel.” That is a terse but accurate summing up of the situation in Israel at that time: not only so, but it supplies the key to all that follows. It is truly saddening to contemplate the awful conditions which then prevailed. Every light had been extinguished, every voice of divine testimony was hushed. Spiritual death was spread over everything, and it looked as though Satan had indeed obtained complete mastery of the situation.”

(A.W. Pink, The Life of Elijah, Banner of Truth 1991, pg. 12-13)