Call To Worship May 8 2016

We worship our God in the first person of the Trinity as the heavenly Father. The term Father is important to us as humans and Christians. God as our Father indicates the sovereign authority and supreme power that God has over all things. God as our Father elucidates the necessity of provision and wisdom. God as our Father specifies the importance of accountability and caring guidance. The term “Father” left in human vernacular falls short of God in His perfections, but enables people to grasp an idea of God as a being. At the same time, we call Him our Father with purpose and designation. So, the term has meaning and importance when speaking of God, and it has importance concerning marriage and family. Paul gives direction to Fathers as they are directed to lead their homes in recognition of God as their Father. Specifically, Paul commands them to discipline and instruct their children in the Lord, not provoke them to anger. God commands Fathers to strive in discipline for the purpose of instruction and care of a child’s soul in the Lord, not self-gratification. Discipline exists with a purpose for believers and their children. Fathers, remember your heavenly Father in discipline and your admonitions will stand on eternal foundations.
Pastor Brandon F Smith