Call to Worship, November 2

We worship the God who graciously gave His word to mankind through His servants. All the way from Abel to Paul God has used His servants to point people toward the Messiah, His one and only Son the Lord Jesus. Paul wrote to the believers in Ephesus for their growth and edification. He did not want them to walk in ignorance concerning the mighty works of God. Paul desired for the local body in Ephesus to understand the background, foundation and purpose of the local church. He urged them to walk rightly in their thinking so their minds would be renewed toward daily Christ-like living. Paul desired for the Ephesian Church to recognize the one true God who remained the Lord of all. He steered them in the paths of God’s Law for direction in regeneration and sanctification. Paul ushered them to see the glory of Christ and His bride to crown Jesus as “their matchless King through all eternity.” Pastor Brandon F Smith