Call to Worship, November 23 2014

We worship our God who placed us in Christ Jesus. When people are born, in reality, they exist as sinners in the headship of Adam by nature. So, when a person is regenerated, by the Spirit, they repent and believe in the provision made in Christ (Messiah). In Christ redemption was accomplished and righteousness is imputed. Therefore in reality they no longer are in Adam, but they are now in Christ, which means justification actually takes place for the believer. Those who are “in Christ” should have no fear of the union with Him fading, weakening, disintegrating or struggling. Union in Christ was inaugurated in the Godhead not in the merit of men. The union with Christ does not grow. It either “is or is not.” As R.L. Dabney said, “One would hardly expect these Almighty Agents intended any such child’s play, as the production of temporary transactions.” Thankfully, by grace, our union with Christ lacks nothing to found it or sustain it for eternity. Pastor Brandon Smith

Gadsby Hymnal # 405    L.M.     J. Kent
Exulting in Eternal Union with Jesus. John 17. 21-23

3 [He swore but once; the deed was done;
  ’Twas settled by the great Three-One;
  Christ was appointed to redeem
  All that his Father loved in him.]

6 This sacred tie forbids their fears,
  For all he is or has is theirs;
  With him, their Head, they stand or fall –
  Their Life, their Surety, and their All.