Call to Worship, November 9th

We worship the God who “is love.” Love is revealed from His being in several ways, but one of the most visible ways is through His church. God ordained the church before time began just as He chose us in Christ Jesus before time. It was not enough for individuals to walk about worshipping God independently, but He redeemed a people for Himself. The church was purchased by the shed blood of His one and only Son and sealed by His Spirit. The church was meant to be the Israel of God and the visible display for the world to see the love of God. The ones who love God eagerly worship Him. (Psalm 122) The church worships on a day God gave to demonstrate the glory of His being in covenant faithfulness. The church functions in local visible bodies to send individuals out to reveal the truth of God, in daily life, among the world. The church reveals to the world how to worship God rightly, as the Psalmist exclaims, without any strange or foreign Gods. Our aspiration for biblical worship proclaims to the world our ambition to listen to our God and heed His testimonies. (Psalm 81) We worship Him according to His will for He “is love” and He first loved us. His love for the church should manifest in us a love for the church. Yet, our love cannot simply be devotion to the universal church, but it must be demonstrated in the local visible church. Paul wrote his letters to visible expressions of the local church to cultivate and grow the church. So we should love, worship, live, and mature in the local church, in order to propagate the glory of God.