Call to Worship October 13 2019


“What can the imagination form of more loveliness, than that of beholding a pious parent encircled by his little family, to whom he is recounting the LORD’S gracious dealings with his soul. Reader, only picture to yourself a father…thus engaged, and then ask, whether the blessing of the LORD must not rest upon such households! And observe moreover, the care that is taken, by the Jewish law-giver, acting in his high character under GOD, to enforce religion as a personal thing, as well as a national concern. The words of GOD were to be bound for a sign, to the man himself, and to all with whom he, had to do; sweetly intimating thereby, that the whole life and conversation were to carry a suitable correspondence to the profession. Neither was this all, the posts of the house were to have the same inscription, that the stranger, and every one passing by, might know that the LORD’S servant dwelt there. Reader! do not overlook the provision of the gospel, on these grand points. Our whole conversation is to be such as becomes the gospel of CHRIST. And whatsoever we do, in word, or deed, all is to be done to GOD’S glory. Not merely on our doors, but in our hearts, CHRIST is to be formed, and dwell there. LORD, grant both Writer and Reader these decisive evidences that we are thine, Philippians 1:27.”