Call To Worship October 4 2015

We worship our God who names every family in heaven and on earth. He also judges all matters and peoples according to His righteousness. Paul prayed to God for the church, those of Israel and among the Gentiles, who were called to life in Christ Jesus alone. He prayed that believers would be strengthened in the Spirit, so that Christ may dwell in them according to the faith. Paul’s prayer brought hope to the believers in Ephesus. He founded their hope on the Trinity and the immensity of the gospel. As we worship today may our hope stem from the same standard. We must worship one God in three Persons and glory in the person and work of Jesus. Christ points us to the Father by the Spirit. The Lord Jesus established and fulfilled all our hope of knowing the eternal blessings of the Father. Apart from Christ we would only have the light of nature, but by the Spirit we are sealed in Christ with the fullness of God. Glory be to God; our heavenly Father, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Soli Deo Gloria! Pastor Brandon F Smith