Call to Worship September 15 2019

The Lord’s Supper by Thomas Watson

3. Is Christ’s blood shed? Here is comfort against death. A dying Savior, sweetens the pangs of death. Is your Lord crucified? Be of good comfort! Christ, by dying, has overcome death. He has cut the lock of sin where the strength of death lay! Christ has knocked out the teeth of this lion! He has pulled the thorn out of death—so that it cannot prick a believer’s conscience. ‘O death, I will be your plague,’ Hosea 13:14. Christ has disarmed death and taken away all its deadly weapons, so that, though it may strike, it cannot sting a believer. Christ has drawn the poison out of death. Nay, He has made death friendly. This pale horse carries a child of God home to his Father’s house! Faith gives a right to heaven; death gives us possession of heaven! What sweet comfort may we draw from the crucifixion of our Lord! His precious blood paints the pale face of death, into a glorious and beautiful complexion.

Here is a DARK side of the cloud, to all profane people who live and die in sin. They have no part in Christ’s blood. Their condition will be worse, than if Christ had not died. Christ, who is a loadstone to draw the elect to heaven—will be a millstone to sink the wicked deeper in hell! They must feel the same wrath which Christ felt upon the cross! And, because they cannot bear it all at once, they must be undergoing it to eternity! 2 Thessalonians 1:9. So inconceivably torturing will this be—that the damned do not know how to endure it—nor how to avoid it!

Sinners will not believe this until it is too late. Wicked men, while they live, are blinded by the god of this world. But, when they are dying, the eye of their consciences will begin to be opened, and they shall see the wrath of God flaming before their eyes—which sight will be but a sad prologue to an eternal tragedy!”