Call To Worship September 6 2015

We worship our God who knows us perfectly, but we have not known Him as we ought. We come before our God, setting aside the things of earth that filled our minds in the past week. All those trivial matters, which will pass away, we put behind us to learn his wisdom, grace and power. The firm foundation of the word establishes the actuality of these truths. All was planned and created in His wisdom. His people will be saved and avenged through His grace. His wrath will be experienced by all those who walk in the ways of the world. Man by nature hates God’s law, but Christ by nature loves the Law. Yet, He endured the sentence of a law breaker to redeem His bride. The world will act in accordance with its desires, but the church, the bride made new in Christ, will act in accordance with the commandments of Jesus. Amazing grace not only saved people from the wrath of God, but gave them new desires to follow His ways. The world will arrogantly boast in its own ability as it travels the wide road to destruction. Yet, the church will boast in Christ, spurning the flesh on the narrow road to life. So goes the tale of two kingdoms. Pastor Brandon F Smith