Call to Worship

(Tomorrow) we worship our God who guides us in all paths even through times of persecution. When Joseph was hated by his brothers and sold into slavery, God had a greater purpose and plan for Joseph. God’s plan was a great help to Israel, although later the Egyptians took them captive. But their captivity was to point them to restoration for they had forgotten the ways of the Lord. Later God provided Moses for the people of Israel during their persecution in Egypt to lead them out of captivity. Also, God helped Moses through persecution instigated by Israel’s grumbling in the wilderness. God gave the manna not only for the sustenance of the people but partially for the relief of Moses even though it only lasted a short time. The LORD never failed Moses or any of his people or servants including the prophets. Many of the prophets were persecuted and put to death. Zechariah was faithful with the LORD’s message, but Jesus said that he was killed by men like the Pharisees. So, was God absent? No! Our LORD directed the path of Zechariah in faithfulness and he persevered to the end, even martyrdom. So, praise the LORD who leads us even through times of persecution for our good and His glory.

Pastor Brandon F Smith